Digital Ad Spend on the Up

digital marketing spend rises

For the first time the total amount of marketing money spent online compared with other traditional forms of advertising and marketing has reached 50%.

This landmark figure makes the UK the first nation in the world where 50p in every £1 spent on marketing is used online.

The next closest country in terms of marketing money spent online is Norway with 45%. The U.S. Is down in 8th place with just 31.3%.

There’s more good news for the digital marketing industry as growth of 12% is expected in 2015, taking the total value of the sector to £8.1bn.

The figures reflect the boom in digital devices including tablets and smartphones. UK consumers in particular have shown an appetite for shopping online which gives incentive to many businesses to try and capture their attention in the digital market place.

Interestingly the amount spent on advertising on mobile will take a significant jump this year almost doubling, with a rise of 45% and £3.3bn spent in total.

Some industry experts believe that digital advertising spend is so high in the UK thanks to the unique ad free services of BBC television and radio which is instead funded by the Television License fee. With so much ad free programming it leaves more spare cash to spend elsewhere.

Ads on popular YouTube videos or other video-on-demand services such as Sky Anytime or ITV Player have also increased the share of ad spend for the digital sector.


Top 5 digital advertising nations

(figures show percentage of total marketing budget spent online)

1. UK 50%
2. Norway 45%
3. China 43.6%
4. Australia 43.3%
5. Denmark 43.1%


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