Broke Bikes

Project Background

The founders of Broke came to us when they were first setting up the idea of their bike business. They wanted to create and flesh out the brand so they could speak to banks and financial investors to win them over and get them on board with their vision. The aim was to launch a customisable fixed gear bike aimed at the skater and alternative music crowd.  They already had a cool name in, Broke, made to symbolise the attitude of skaters and bikers who would carry out crazy stunts and no doubt have picked up a few injuries or broken bones along the way.

After considering the brief, the target market and the product we found a connection that helped set the focus for the brand. As we were taking a product that could be customised to the customers wishes by choosing their own accessories, paint and wheel colours online and we were talking to an audience that would see themselves as colourful charachters and certainly not the grey suit wearing office 9-5ers, we could create a connection between them. This thought was captured in our tagline ‘Lead A Colourful Life’ and this set the tone for the copy on the website, advertising, social

media, customer letters, emails, packaging and online marketing. The greatest thing we can say about the results of this project is that Broke is not an idea being pitched to banks and investors any longer. It is now a successful brand with great customer feedback and excellent products, their success goes way beyond their home country of Belgium and Broke products are being shipped across Europe, the U.S. and beyond. We beleive our work helped them take the business forward and it’s fantastic to see our ‘Lead A Colourful Life’ positioning used to great effect.

Project Skills Used
  • Branding, Copywriting, Tone of Voice Creation, Consulting, Business Plans, Slogans

branding for start up

creating a tone of voice








A Word From Our Creative Director

“We love working with start ups here at Makegood Media and we’re always proud to see our work go live and enter the world alongside a new business venture. With the Broke project our tagline has become a large part of their brand identity and has even influenced the degree to which colour is a key selling point of the product, and subsequently how the brand interacts in social media and in person.

The slogans we created for the brand appear on merchandise such as t-shirts and stickers and the tone of voice we created delivers a refreshing approach on the website and other marketing materials. We wish the young business all the best and the success they deserve for taking the brave desicion to start a company they were passionate about.”

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